Helping you make your big comeback

We take real pride in offering a place to work that is committed to inclusion, reward, flexible working and career development. Across every department there is a wide and varied range of roles that are carried out by a similarly wide and varied range of people. There’s a diverse background of experience and skills, and we’re committed to flexible working and doing all we can to recruit and retain the best people.

One of the ways we like to do this is via our Comeback Programme, for women and men who have previously been in work and who seeking to return after a career break.

Monica Bindra is a lead Environment Manager in the Quality Centre of Excellence, Environments operations. In her role, she is responsible ror ensuring the timely delivery of secure and accessible testing environments to regulatory and discretionary programmes which are supporting the bank’s objective in delivering innovative solutions, sustainable growth and customer advocacy. This challenging role requires complete focus on our customers and their expectations, as well as making sure our processes and governance are under control.

First steps

This role is Monica’s second spell working with us, and she picks up the story so far, "I was born in India and when the time came to finish my education I had picked up an interest and some skills in technology, so I chose an internal auditor role at RBS India. That was in 1999 in Gurgaon. I knew it was a great opportunity for me and in that role I was able to learn a lot about the different departments and functions. The technology projects I worked on were mostly ones that started from scratch, and all of them relied upon close collaboration across teams to come to fruition."

After this successful first spell, Monica then put her career on hold in order to take care of her two year old daughter. Like many women who have done the same, when she decided to return to work, she was a little nervous.

"After having had a break for five years, initially I wasn’t sure how much I’d remember from my previous experience, the technology landscape changes and develops so fast, and this affected my confidence. But it proved to be not worth worrying about, as when I re-joined, I picked up most things again in about a month. I was also advised by a few people I knew from outside the bank that it would perhaps be best if I took on a lesser role than that which I had in mind, which was disappointing, but also made me find the will to succeed."

New job, new country

Monica’s second spell with us is not only after having had a child, it’s also in a completely new country, as she is now living and working in Edinburgh. She explains how that came about, ‘My husband got a position in Edinburgh and I thought it would be a good experience for my daughter, especially as I wanted to move her away from traditional learning to more experiential and life-skills based learning.’

Monica speaks highly of the Comeback Programme and the support she has received. ‘I was provided with a great platform through the programme which helped me prepare for returning to a technology role, boosting my morale through various soft skills sessions. The sessions had such a good impact that I could see a difference in myself when I completed them. And the support and friendship of others on the Comeback Programme was a great help as well. I knew I still had the transformational skills of a project manager to do the job, and I quickly got back up to speed with the technology side of things.

"What was very pleasing was that via the Comeback Programme I didn’t have to explain or justify my career break. I’m not sure I would’ve had such an opportunity if I had just approached a recruitment agency."

We’ve advanced a lot in five years, and Monica has been impressed with what she’s found upon her return. ‘There’s a huge amount of learning and development support to help us shape our careers, and the pace of adoption of new technologies is amazing. The digital transformation we’re going through is very fast moving and yet it’s possible to have a perfect work-life balance, with flexible working and shift patterns that fit my needs. My manager keeps me motivated and believes in my capabilities, which gives me a great boost. I deliberately chose to re-join RBS because I had a strong belief that this is the only organisation which can help me meet both my personal and my professional requirements.’

Finally, Monica has some words of advice for other women that are on a career break currently, to encourage them to consider returning to the world of work with RBS. "I would say take ownership of your ambition. The only person who can help you achieve your ambition is you yourself. Just believe, believe, and believe in yourself."

Helping our employees with childcare and other personal responsibilities, commitments and interests via flexible working is just one of the ways we encourage everyone here to have a great work-life balance.

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