Appy Days!

Written by Olivia Lyons 8 months ago.

Our innovative Digital team have worked long and hard to create an award winning app that takes the stress out of banking. Using customer feedback to establish the most well received elements, as well as to identify any pain points, the team designed a user-friendly state of the art app that boasts speed and convenience. After the most recent improvements, it has received a 5* rating on the Apple App Store, and we’re thrilled to announce has also won the Best Banking App award!

We sat down with Sean Doyle, our Solutions Designer, who talked us through his journey with the bank, and our mission to take the lead in digital and mobile banking.

I started on the graduate scheme five and a half years ago and did four different placements, the last of which was in Strategy and Architecture. This became a permanent placement and involved implementing a brand new complaints handling system that still exists today. Since then, I’ve stayed in the change management arena.

My job is to facilitate the design of solutions from the customer’s perspective. I currently work in Personal & Business Banking Change within Services. We work with digital solutions and face off to several areas across Technology and Products. We look at what business and commercial outcomes we want to achieve and then work with our Technology teams to coordinate activity and make sure we’re aligned to the same plan.

Our goal is to be number one for digital and mobile banking. Our app is market leading and we’re so proud to have won Best Banking App from the British Banking Awards. We’re continuing to design and deliver new functionality within the app. There’s a growing trend of how customers interact with us; the mobile app has proved to be easier to use than online banking, and more and more people are using it to manage their own money on the go.

We aim to be a paperless bank by 2020 which will improve service and functionality as well as decreasing costs and our carbon footprint. Digital and mobile banking are fundamental elements to this plan. Some of our customers who have grown up going into our branches might not be as comfortable using the app and we can’t always change people’s preferences; we just need to take into consideration that not everyone is tech-savvy and make our platforms as simple and user-friendly as possible. A lot of people don’t own a smartphone and we can’t change that, but the easier we make our functions to use, the more people may be encouraged to give them a go. 40% of our overall customer base are currently active mobile users but we aim to increase this to 70% in the next few years.

I wasn’t a particularly techy kid and I haven’t always been massively interested in computers; I can’t write code and I couldn’t fix a broken laptop but I know how a good customer journey should look and feel. A huge part of my job is to articulate business requirements to the Technology team in the right way and make sure we deliver the best outcomes.

My job infiltrates my day-to-day life. When you work within the digital space, you need to conduct significant competitive research and you’re constantly on the look-out for new opportunities; looking at what’s out there, what’s working and how we can improve it. A good example is contactless - it’s saving us so much time when buying things but when I tried to return something the other day, I noticed how much longer it took. I then started wondering if we can build on the contactless function to have more uses and be even more convenient. We look at things that have gone really well and things that haven’t and use these as discussion points to address how we might improve a digital function.

During our customer research, we look at what our customers want and how they want to use things and deliver functions that accommodate that and take any stress out of digital banking.

There is an increasingly diverse selection of people working across our Digital space. Technology was previously considered more of a man’s game but there’s been a huge trend of women moving into tech roles. It’s a massive area of focus for the bank, and especially now we have our digital studios in both Edinburgh and London, there’s such an open and collaborative atmosphere that it attracts a great range of people. Being number one for digital and mobile banking means having the best people on board, whatever their age, gender or background.

The biggest challenge in my job is balancing efficiency and risk. When you’re really proud and excited about a product, you want customers to benefit from it as soon as possible. But you have to consider all the potential risks involved. There are so many aspects to consider from a technology perspective and we have to make sure everything is right for the bank and the customer. It’s balancing the conflict of doing things quickly and doing things properly, but it’s worth it in the end.

I’m most proud of a customer complaints tool that I designed to replace an existing operating model and essentially skip out the middle man. The new version was intuitive and involved real time so frontline staff could handle, log and resolve certain complaints straight away. Or if that wasn’t possible it made sure the information the customer gave wasn’t lost and could be sent through to the complaint handling team to make their job easier. The tool was rolled out across all telephony centres, meaning customers didn’t have a disjointed experience and could have their complaints handled immediately.

RBS is a great place to learn. There’s a lot of focus on us as we’re still owned by the tax payer which can come with its own challenges but overcoming them can be really helpful for development. We’re really careful about maintaining our position and keeping up to speed, and as we’re investing so much in the digital arena, it’s a fantastic place to start your journey. It’s an amazing feeling when you get something to market; seeing something that you’ve put into place that has direct impact on the customer experience.

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