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Written by Olivia Lyons 11 months ago.

With RBS sponsoring this year’s National Careers Week once again, we decided that the timing was perfect for a catch-up with Joshua Lyon, the 2016 BPP Level 3 Apprentice of the Year, to find out more about the award and his journey so far.

BPP Professional Education is one of Europe's largest professional education, training and publishing specialists, and offers apprenticeships, programmes and qualifications. Each year they train over 50,000 students and only one is awarded with this honour. The award recognises excellence, hard work, and going above and beyond to contribute to the workplace.

Joshua’s Story

After achieving strong GCSEs, Joshua began his A-levels at which point he started to revaluate his options. Joshua told us a bit about his journey and why he chose the programme.

‘Initially, the idea of an apprenticeship didn’t seem the right fit for me, and I assumed I’d go down the traditional route of going to university after finishing my A-levels. It was after noticing how much I enjoyed the routine and structure that my summer job provided that I began to consider the possibility of an apprenticeship.’

Maths being a strong point of Joshua’s, a career in banking started to feel like the natural choice. He found an apprenticeship on RBS’ website, and was accepted after excelling through his interview. The RBS Apprenticeship scheme allows people to take the first step along their career path. We support our apprentices as they gain a professional qualification and have a place in the bank waiting for them when it has been completed.

Joshua started his apprenticeship in October 2015 as an Assistant Relationship Manager within our Commercial Coverage function, and immediately enjoyed getting to know the way in which the bank operated, and learning about the various departments within it. Joshua started working towards his exam, which he passed with flying colours in February this year. Part of the programme was to complete monthly workbooks which really highlighted and gave insight into the various different elements of the role.

Joshua explained how he found his experience, ‘I love the variety in my job; there’s always so much going on, and I’m constantly learning and picking up new things. No two days are the same and I have one afternoon a week off to study which gives me the time to really focus on my development.’

Going the extra mile

As well as settling into his role, Joshua was noticed for taking initiative beyond his everyday responsibilities and providing exceptional support to his manager; something he says benefitted the both of them.

‘It was a two way street; I wanted to be as helpful as possible, and it also gave me more opportunities to progress. I’ve learnt so much since being with the bank, and have nothing but praise for the programmes on offer and the support which I have had throughout.’

Joshua received the award at a Graduate Ceremony in the beautiful Guild Hall in London where people who had completed an array of programmes and courses had gathered to celebrate. ‘It was great to be recognised for the work I’ve done, especially around so many people graduating from university. It really highlighted that there is no one way to start your career.’

Joshua receiving his award at the Guild Hall with some of the RBS team

Joshua (far left) receiving his award at the Guild Hall with some of the RBS team

What’s next?

Moving forward, Joshua is keen to fulfil his long term aspirations, and find out what the future holds for him.

‘I still feel fairly new to the bank and I’m constantly noticing new opportunities and areas in which I can develop. I know this year is going to fly by and when I’ve finished the programme, I’m excited to explore all the various divisions across the bank and gain as much experience as possible. I eventually want to move into a managerial role at RBS but for now, I just want to be the best I can be at what I’m currently doing.’

We’re delighted to have Joshua on board. At just 18 and having already achieved so much, we predict a big and bright future for him and all of our apprentices.

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