A powerful force for positive change

Our graduates consistently bring fresh ideas and perspectives into the bank. And we thought it was essential to speak to one of our current graduates to find out their opinion on Black History Month, and how they feel about inclusion.

Nyama Sethi-Walsh offers his thoughts on his experience working here, and why he’s encouraged by what Black History Month offers.

‘I’m currently on my second rotation of the Commercial Banking graduate programme and so far, I’ve had an extremely positive experience of working in the bank. My colleagues genuinely care about their customer relationships internally and externally. It’s visible in the honest and supportive relationships that enable others to succeed and the passion to achieve excellent customer service. I’m fortunate that the start of my career has been built on the foundations of great values.

‘Black History Month is important because it helps to inspire pride and self-worth amongst the young black community. Feelings of solitude diminish when celebrating the successes and contributions of black leaders, figures and innovators. And it acts as a tool to challenge negative views and bring them under a common vision which is conducive of diversity and inclusion.

‘Having only worked in the bank for less than year, I don’t have to look very far to see its focus and drive for inclusivity. RBS works hard to make you feel comfortable whilst at work. There are dedicated networks, spaces and events that drive multi-culturalism, diversity and inclusion. It’s clear that the bank cares about a culture of growth without ethnic isolation. And for this reason, it makes me proud that RBS supports Black History Month as a powerful force for positive change.’