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About the assessment centre

If you do well at the earlier stages of the application process you’ll be invited to an assessment centre. This will involve taking part in a range of activities including a group challenge, individual tasks and a face-to-face interview.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to meet fellow candidates and potential colleagues, look around our workplace, and really get a sense for what it’s like to be a part of our team.

The aim of the assessment centre is to find out more about you, both individually, and how you engage and interact with others in a work setting.

The activities are all designed with this in mind, and resemble the kinds of things you might be doing as part of your work on the graduate or internship programme. They present opportunities for you to demonstrate the skills and qualities we’re looking for, including things like communication, team work, problem solving, creative thinking and time management.

For graduate programmes the assessment centre takes a full day; for internship programmes they’re half a day long. You’ll be provided with all the specific information you need well ahead of the day itself.

On our application process page, you can also find out more about the different components of the assessment day.

Here’s some general advice that will help you prepare.

Be yourself and have fun

This is the best piece of advice we can give. Approach the day and the individual activities in a way that comes naturally, and don’t think you need to act to impress, compete, or play up to a certain role.

We’re keen to create a friendly and supportive atmosphere, and to make the day as enjoyable and interesting as we can. We know we see the best of people, when they’re able to relax and enjoy themselves.

Be positive

It’s important to approach the day and its activities with an open mind and positive attitude. Be enthusiastic, get stuck into the tasks at hand, and this will hopefully help to settle any initial nerves.

Be professional and friendly

It’s a simple thing, but it’s a good idea to dress smartly, arrive on time, and act in a friendly and professional way throughout.

Take the time to get to know other candidates. After all, everyone’s in the same boat, and a big part of the day is about team work. Establishing friendly relationships and supporting each other will definitely make for a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Be well prepared

Including possible travel, the day’s going to be a long and tiring one. It makes sense to prepare for this, and try to pace yourself. There’s a whole day of activities to look forward to, so don’t burn yourself out in the morning session.

Come well rested, have a decent breakfast, and stay hydrated throughout the day. This should help you stay energised and engaged.

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