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We are proud to be sponsoring National Careers Week and as part of our all year round celebration of careers, we have put together a new guide to help you understand the different ways that you can start your career with us, along with some top tips for the recruitment process.

We see #NCW2018 as a time to focus on career opportunities and development. If you’re normally busy studying, or if you’re concentrating on living your life in other ways, these things can sometimes get a bit lost in the mix.

Our guide provides a spotlight on Apprenticeship, Internship and Graduate roles – if you are at School or University and still need to decide on what path is right for you, this is a great way to learn about what opportunities we offer.

To help you turn your strengths and passions into potential at RBS, the guide also offers some handy advice - from how to shine in video interviews, to how to ace assessment centres.

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