Electronic Rates Trader

Stamford , United States
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The Responsibilities

  • Help manage the routine operations of automated systems dealing US Treasury bonds and futures with NatWest clients.Monitor trading algorithms and risks intraday and perform daily checkouts of trades and system performance.

  • Analyze market data to refine current trading strategies and develop new strategies.

  • Investigate opportunities to extract trading signals from historic client inquiry and trading patterns.

  • Generate analytics to demonstrate and track business development and profitability.

  • Work with the traditional trading desks to enhance the opportunity and performance of overall rates business.

  • Work closely with technologists, quants, and electronic trading group to leverage global electronic trading capabilities and customize them to the US Treasury market.

  • Required Skills:

    • Experience managing the risk of a portfolio of government bonds.

    • Familiarity with the US Treasury bond market structure.

      • Platforms and protocols of client-dealing platforms Bloomberg and Tradeweb.

      • Interdealer markets for both Off-the-run bonds and On-the-run bonds.

    • Hands-on R&D capabilities with a variety of development environments, including Excel, Python, and KDB/Q.

  • Minimum of 2 years previous experience in related field

Electronic Rates Trader

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