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The Responsibilities

Purpose of the role – Why does this role exist and what value does it add?

The role holder is responsible for the structuring and execution of debt private placements for primarily European corporate clients to be sold to institutional investors, typically US insurance companies.

  • Maintain strong relationships with the US private placement community and be aware of transaction flows, precedents and investor demand for different sectors, structures and jurisdictions

  • Be able to coordinate the execution of a transaction from mandate to final closing

  • Demonstrate strong client communication and management skills

  • Effectively structure legal documentation to strike the right balance between issuer’s requirements and what the market will accept

  • Take on some origination responsibility with our JV partners at Citizens Bank and selected European clients

  • Deliver financing and risk solutions in partnership with key internal stakeholders such as; Content & Advisory, Structuring, Syndicate, T&FS, Corporate Advisory, ISCF and Coverage

  • Build and sustain strong internal partnerships based on trust and cooperation to maximise ability to meet and or exceed revenue and capital targets

  • Ensure that transaction structures are market leading, sound and appropriately negotiated and documentedEngage regularly with credit and legal partners to ensure delivery of sustainable low risk solutions

  • Effectively manage the processes to ensure clients and investors consider NatWest Markets to have the highest standards for execution and deal management

  • Maintain and comply with efficient governance structure embedded within CF&RS based on the principles of “Good Corporate Governance”

Within a team context:

  • Support senior members of the team and delegate to, support and guide junior members of the team

  • Maintain the highest standards of credit and underwriting risk management and stewardship

  • Understand, promote and implement the control, reporting, compliance and regulatory regime, processes and culture within which the business has to operate

  • Always have a team focused approach and promote a positive can do attitude with your colleagues at all times

Contribute actively to support Corporate F&RS in the development of all aspects of the business. In particular:

  • Create and maintain a climate of collaboration and transparency within the Corporate F&RS business, and with other internal stakeholders to maximise opportunities for revenue generation across CIB and CPB.

Regulated Roles

This is a Certified Role under the PRA/FCA Individual Accountability Regime: as such role holders must hold a Certificate, issued by the bank on an annual basis, confirming that they meet the bank’s standard of Fitness & Propriety.

FINRA Series 7, Series 63 and Series 79 required.

Financial & Business Delivery

Definition: Creating value for our business and shareholders, by delivering against our financial and business delivery goals, through the effective management of income and costs.

Financial Management:

  • Contribute to team revenue budget

  • Ensure commitment and focus on RWA reduction agenda and prudence around new business


Definition: Meeting customer needs through the design and delivery of simple and effective products, processes, services and relationships so our customers want to do more business with us.


Key measures of success are:

  • Revenue and product mix, at or above budgeted levels

  • Expand revenue and relationship footprint

  • Execute transactions that are at or above risk return hurdle rates and ensure all approvals are received ahead of execution

  • Ensure clients funding and risk management needs are well understood, shared appropriately and documented

  • Maximise income achieved within the credit appetite and capital agenda

  • Minimise and understand missed and lost transactions within target market

  • Maximise cross sell opportunities across C&IB

  • Satisfactory risk management and compliance with all internal procedures

  • Contribution to personal development and the development of the team through, among other things,

    supporting and undertaking training.  Ensure development of both funding and risk management skill sets

 Scope of Role: What decisions are the job /role responsible for?

  • Successfully winning and executing financing and risk solutions transactions

  • Managing existing capital positions lower and working with key stakeholders to ensure full transparency with customers on RBS capital strategy

  • Contributing to the development of profitable new business by expanding the scope of franchise and identifying new opportunities with existing clients

  • Developing client relationships as a recognised expert across both funding and risk solutions, leveraging internal partners to ensure we maintain executional excellence

  • Assisting with the local marketing & planning and business development

  • Effective reporting to and communication with team head

  • Taking responsibility for personal training and development by fully using the performance review process and via training opportunities

 Line of Defence Mandatory

1LoD - Management & Supervision

Own, manage and supervise the risks which exist in the business area, ensuring mechanisms are in place to identify, report, manage and mitigate risk within a defined Risk Appetite, working in conjunction with the 2LOD

Conduct Risk

Definition: Creating a culture of responsible risk management, through the definition of and adherence to appropriate risk, appetites, control frameworks, processes and procedures.

  • Comply with Our Code, all RBS policies, ‘How we manage RBS’, and if applicable ‘How we manage our Business’, and deliver against all relevant statutory, regulatory, supervisory and legal obligations

  • Proactive identification and effective management and/or escalation of conduct risk to deliver key customer outcomes

 Risk & Controls Framework

Definition: Creating a culture of responsible risk management, through the definition of and

adherence to appropriate risk, appetites, control frameworks, processes and procedures.

  • Risk Appetite and Business Quality: Set a clear risk appetite and ensure business is conducted within it. Risk appetite should include credit risk, conduct risk, operational risk management, market risk management, reputational risk, compliance, AML/KYC and business continuity management

 Performance Management

Definition: Building the capability, engagement, efficiency and effectiveness of our people, teams and organisation.

Performance Management: [Mandatory for all] Take responsibility for your role within the performance management process, to ensure that you have appropriate objectives, a robust dialogue with your manager about your performance, and performance documentation that meets our assurance standards

 Experience - What previous experience is required for this role?


  • 5 – 7 years of DCM experience

  • Broad and deep understanding of all aspects of funding and risk solutions, including swaps, liability management, hybrid capital, senior unsecured bonds and private placements

  • Ability to work effectively and engagingly with internal client stakeholders, namely syndicate, coverage, corporate advisory, structuring and content and advisory

  • Discipline to ensure all approvals are in place prior to transacting and that business process is followed at all times

  • Broad network of contacts throughout CIB and CPB

  • Team focused approach and a positive attitude at all times


  • Experience of the US private placement market


Technical Capabilities – What are the specific skills, knowledge and abilities required for this role?


Thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of the funding and risk solutions products and systems


General knowledge of the technical aspects of other products within CIB such as FX and STM

Qualifications – What training or qualifications are required for this role?


Relevant regulatory registration requirements


Degree level


  • The role holder is responsible for regularly reviewing and updating the job description and must ensure that immediate amendments are made to reflect any material change to the role purpose, accountabilities or control function.

  • Please refer to the Code of Conduct ensuring adherence with risk and control policy and performance management policy.

  • The role holder is also responsible for maintaining a robust version control system that includes historic versions of the role profile, dates of change and any delegations of authority. You may from time to time be asked to produce the original signed copy for audit purposes.


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