Appy Days!

Jul 31, 2017 Our News

Our innovative Digital team have worked long and hard to create an award winning app that takes the stress out of banking. Using customer feedback to establish the most well received elements, as well as to identify any pain points, the team designed a user-friendly state of the art app that...

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Shortly after our new digital studio was unveiled in Bristol we spoke to Charly Patrick, our Digital Project Manager. Charly talked us through her journey with the bank, and about orchestrating the UK’s most exciting digital space. “I’ve worked for the bank since 2010. I started in Change...

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The countdown is on until we open the doors to our brand new and innovative digital studio in Bristol, boasting the latest technologies as well as a nurturing and creative space to allow our digital specialists to excel. Two blue-sky thinkers waiting to make their mark in the studio are Kieran...

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We caught up with Ronald van der Heijden, the new Head of Conduct Risk for Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB), about providing clarity through policies, creating an ‘and’ culture and the Arctic Biathlon.What are your main roles and responsibilities?Ultimately, I provide clarity through...

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What is it really like to work in Conduct & Regulatory Affairs (C&RA)? We caught up with Debbie Wild, who is an Assurance Manager for Conduct Risk.What is your role?Working in second line of defence (SLOD), my primary function is looking at the effectiveness and adequacy of the bank’s...

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