The pace of digital change over the past two decades has been staggering. We’ve seen new technologies open new possibilities, and enterprises of all kinds doing more and more of their business online. The world of commercial banking is evolving too. At RBS we’re determined to harness the power of...

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What does the Head of Private Learning & Professional Development for Coutts, a Life Coach and a parent have in common? Actually that’s a trick question because Claire Foy manages to be all of those things – with a fantastic sense of humour and love for life.Being a working parent of two comes...

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Balancing work and a young family is a challenge at the best of times, but what if you found out that your child had a chronic illness that required serious life-adjustments?That was the situation Daren Cheverton faced two and a half years ago, when his youngest daughter, Beatrice, was diagnosed...

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I lived in Leeds for three years, and loved every second. So when I was asked to have a chat with one of our Leeds based Customer Service Representatives, Cathryn Page, it conjured up some great memories. I’m nostalgic for the taste of Yorkshire Tea, the open green spaces, the cosy pubs, cafés and...

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The Professional Banker Certificate (PBC) Programme has been designed to reflect the role of modern day banking together with customer needs, and equips our branch staff by instilling the knowledge and skills to help them deliver a truly excellent service. The programme is a professional...

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Feb 01, 2017 Our Culture

Did I lock the front door? I must remember to buy fabric softener. If this meeting finishes early, I should have time to get to the post office. I’m not sure this latte is skinny. That film was so good last night. I can’t believe she hasn’t apologised yet. What book shall I read next? I’m nervous...

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Internal Audit – is it all about digesting numbers and spreadsheets? Is there anything beyond the numbers? The straight answer is yes.It can open many different avenues and opportunities that can put you on a path you would never have thought possible – whatever your academic or career...

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