There are few ideas in science which are so familiar, while remaining so exciting, as artificial intelligence. Stories featuring machines that think have a history stretching back hundreds of years, but it was in the 20th century when the emergence of computers and robotics birthed a serious...

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Flexible working is becoming an increasingly prevalent way of working. Companies are seeing benefits to both them and their employees, and it can take various forms such as part time working, homeworking, flexitime, job sharing and shift work.Everyone will have a different definition of what a...

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Being homeless – how far are any one of us from being in that situation? Losing a job, relationship problems, and poor physical and mental health, are a few of many factors that could lead to a friend, family member, or even you trying to survive on the streets.We all have busy lives. If you’re...

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Appy Days!

Jul 31, 2017 Our News

Our innovative Digital team have worked long and hard to create an award winning app that takes the stress out of banking. Using customer feedback to establish the most well received elements, as well as to identify any pain points, the team designed a user-friendly state of the art app that...

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We wrote recently about some of the ways having a mentor can help you develop your career, and shared a couple of tips to bear in mind when you’re looking for the right person. But once you’ve started, how do you make it work?It’s important that you’re comfortable together, and you should look...

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At 08:47 on Wednesday 30th December, Gerry Bitten-O’Prey became a father for the first time. Nothing unusual there you might be thinking – but Gerry, a Safety, Health & Environment Advisor, is one of our first colleagues to become a father with his husband John through surrogacy, which is why...

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Building an inclusive environment is at the forefront of our agenda. For us, inclusion is about ensuring our organisation is built for long term, sustainable success. At RBS, we value diversity of thought and what each individual brings to work. This in turn, helps us better understand and support...

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